BeachLifestyle is all about how to transform your Life, Health and Prosperity.   

Total Freedom, Exquisite Happiness and Absolute Calm!

Live a fulfilling life and have the Life, Health and Prosperity you deserve! Learn to reclaim your personal power and be the playful and powerful Warrior you are. You are closer to realizing and having all of your goals, dreams and aspirations. Find the love, peace, playfulness and power inside of you, to live a meaningful life on purpose with purpose and for purpose. Playful & Powerful Warriors Entrepreneurs, Authors, Life Transformers, Rebels and Hosts Neil Haley and GJ “G” Reynolds will interview people who are living the BeachLifestyle.  Are you?

Macintosh HD:Users:beachlifestyle:Desktop:BeachLifestyle_logo.pngBeachLifestyle is a mindset!  It is the state of mind you have and experience on the second, third or even fourth day, of being at the beach. You know how it is… You go on vacation. The first day or so, you are recovering from the stressful travel to get to your destination. You are also thinking about all the things you forgot to do before you left. Toward the end of your trip, you start focusing on what it requires to get back home and what you have to go back to or do when you arrive back home.

AHHH! What about the second day, third day, or even fourth day!

You are relaxed, having fun, experiencing freedom, happy, enjoying and living in the current moment. You may be focused on your goals, dreams, aspirations and simply just “being.”  Free of fear, honoring yourself and truly enjoying yourself and the world around you. There are no outside pressures, from life. You feel energetic and full of life; your health is great and you have a natural calm.  In order to have this type of mindset, one must typically have a good life, good health and good prosperity. This is what BeachLifestyle is all about!

A true BeachLifestyle mindset is calm, creative, fun, empowering and one that honors yourself.  Are YOU Ready to LIVE BeachLifestyle?



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