Do YOU Have BIG, BIG Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations?

Do YOU Have BIG, BIG Goals, Dreams, and Aspirations?

got goals?  When the mind of a Warrior is ready to conceive and believe, he is able to achieve. The starting point for all achievement is desire. Focus on whatever you choose to have in life—your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Strong desires are the catalyst to produce more intense and sustained action on your part. Armed with a strong desire, you are able to overcome the inevitable obstacles and detours between where you are and where you choose to be. Having BIG, BIG goals, dreams, and aspirations provides you with a powerful imagination. Dreams and aspirations tap into a source of magnificent possibility and energy. They provide you the power to accomplish what you have imagined. When you think in terms of goals, dreams, and aspirations together, you give yourself the inspirational edge you require to have your thoughts come true.


Goals, dreams, and aspirations are visions of success and happiness in the future. They are representations of the “good life” to come. Our ability to think first of dreams and setting goals forms a base for the process of our later achievements. It provides us something to strive for. Everything achieved is first conceived as an idea. You have the ability to start, or restart, whatever it is you choose, right now.

Daydreaming is a natural part of living, a hope for a better future, something to anticipate. Our dreams evolve and crystallize as our desire becomes stronger. Desire is the motivation and the necessary launching pad for the accomplishment of any goal. Through the repetitive thought process of desire, hazy dreams and aspirations will become specific goals. Goals are essential because goals make us go. Goals are the fuel in your tank.

  • What is a goal? It is a dream with a target date.
  • What is a dream? A vision that fills our mind.
  • What is an aspiration? A strong desire or longing.

What do you have when you combine these together? You receive energy to go and accomplish them. Having desire for your goals, dreams, and aspirations and going after them with intense action and definiteness of purpose creates a powerful force and a powerful energy within you.

Desire and definiteness create energy. The energy created by desire and definiteness spills over to all areas of your life. It creates the necessary burning desire within you.

Maintain a burning desire. I have been a consistent goal setter since I was a child. Any time I set a goal and was laser-focused upon it, I would achieve it. Sometimes I missed the desired goal date. When I stayed focused and knew what the action steps were to achieve a goal, I eventually hit it. How? I was simply laser-focused upon the desired goal, and I knew exactly what I had to do, to achieve it.

I have always laid out what was required to achieve my goal, how to have it or achieve it, and in what time frame I desired to accomplish it. I would share my goals with other people. I thought about them. I talked about them. I never let anything get in the way accomplishing what I desired to have. This created an energy that led to accomplishment and attainment.

The only times I missed hitting my desired goals were due to one of two reasons: I decided to change my mind about going after the goal, or I simply was unsure of what to do or how to go about achieving a certain step or process. I have witnessed countless people who are afraid to start going after their goals, dreams, and aspirations. They are fearful of failure, fearful of what others will say. They seem to require some type of permission. Go ahead and give yourself permission to go after what you choose to have. Go ahead. Do it. Choose the actions necessary for yourself.

A burning desire to be and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must start.

With everything you have learned about yourself in this book, you have the ability to go after everything you desire. You also have God the Almighty on your side and a community of like-minded Warriors around to assist you. All you have to do is determine what it is you desire and start choosing action. Awake, arise, and assert yourself.

Say to yourself: I have the power to do and achieve what I desire.

In 1953, Yale University surveyed its graduating class and discovered that only 3 percent had written goals. Twenty years later, Yale surveyed this same class and learned that the 3 per- cent who had written goals, had amassed a net worth greater than that of the other 97 percent combined. I find it amazing to know that 97 percent of the people of the world are drifting aimlessly through life, without goals and the slightest concept of how powerful they are if they would look within, find what they are best suited for, and create a goal oriented lifestyle.



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