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Do you feel inside yourself a higher purpose calling for greatness within you? Do you choose to live your great adventure? You are able to do, have, or be whatever you choose. You are able to experience being more alert, aware, and present. All you have to do is choose the necessary time investment for yourself. Time is a precious gift. How will you choose to use the time you have?

Remember the joy of childhood? Think about it. Virtually everyone experienced some type of freedom, exquisite happiness, and absolute calm at some point in childhood. When I was growing up, most of us were childhood Warriors. We were taught to pray to God and allow Him to guide us. We looked to Him and the stars above. We were authentic in what we said and did. We were taught to do our best and, in most cases, we did. Forgiving our friends was much easier when we were kids, and once we did, we moved forward as if nothing had ever upset us. We simply let go and moved on. We had loving and caring teachers, neighbors, friends, and family surrounding us. We dreamed big, big goals, dreams, and aspirations. We used our imaginations. We knew what we desired to be when we grew up.

I was also taught to go after what I chose to have out of life. My attention span was limited to what was going on right then and there. I was living in the present moment. Life was all about living and having fun right then and there. With the assistance of like-minded Warriors—and by looking within yourself—you are able to live the life you deserve to have and dreamed about as a child. It is time to start living your life.

Do you realize you have the power to see, think, and choose differently for yourself?

Being open to seeing things and doing things differently will change your life. You are closer to realizing and having all of your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Find the love, peace, playfulness, and power inside of you to live a meaningful life on purpose, with purpose, and for purpose. Apply what you have learned in this book, and start your new Warrior journey now. Right here and right now.

Now it is decision time. What do YOU choose for yourself? What are YOU going to do with the remaining blocks of your life? Are YOU ready to be the great Warrior you are? Are YOU ready to enjoy the rest of your playful and powerful Warrior life? Are YOU ready to LIVE YOUR great Warrior adventure? Are YOU ready to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE NOW?



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